WHY DO I NEED THE BLADE? CAN'T I JUST USE A DRYWALL SPREADER OR SAW BLADE?  Good question.  Actually, THE BLADE was born out of this similar idea.  Many body repair techs have used whatever they had on hand to spread plastic filler over a damaged auto body panel.  The difference is that THE BLADE was created to actually give the plastic filler precise shape and contour.  THE BLADE organizes the shape of plastic fillers to carry the precise contour of the un-damaged portion of the panel over the damaged areas.  THE BLADE  has the PERFECT combination of a flexible, spring steel blade with a rounded "rolled" edge and a super-slick, non-stick Teflon™ covering that makes it not just a flexible Bondo™ spreader but, THE ULTIMATE SHAPING AND CONTOURING TOOL.  THE BLADE is TOTALLY unlike anything else available in the auto body repair/restoration world.  Plus, with The Blade Expert Repair Kit, you get three different flexibilities to accommodate all the different contours on any auto body panel and you get a stiffener to allow you to use the precision rounded "rolled" edge with zero flex for repairs on horizontally flat panels.  Obviously, the best choice!  Add The Blade to your body shop tools, you will love using The Blade!

After doing your metal work and roughing out the damaged panel, sanding and preparing the panel for your plastic filler, choose the correct number Blade based on the curve of the area you are working on.  The #1 Blade is the best general use Blade, perfect for semi-flat roof, hood, trunk, door and quarter panels.  The #1 is the stiffest Blade.  The #2 Blade is the medium stiffest, good for moderately curved areas and the #3 Blade is the most flexible, perfect for the curviest panels.  Mask off the area you are working on and determine where the the un-damaged area of the panel is best located around the damage.  Apply your filler in your usual way and use The Blade to sweep over the filler, holding your hands positioned outside of the damaged area, using the un-damaged area as a blueprint for your repair.  The un-damaged area will guide The Blade to shape the wet plastic filler and create that continuous line for a perfect repair.  You will need to sweep the filler a few times and may need a second or third application of filler to get a satisfactory perfect repair.  This process only takes minutes and sanding down to rediscover the original style lines is not necessary as The Blade is giving you that precision auto body line and contoured shape from the beginning.

The three Blades of three different flexibilities are sold together, along with an extruded aluminum friction attached "stiffener".  The stiffener is used when you do not want any "flex".  If you have a perfectly flat panel, in the horizontal direction, you do want to use the Blade's unique rolled edge and the non-stick Teflon™ advantage to get your perfect shape but you don't want any flex or bowing of the Blade.  The three different flexibilities of the Blade are necessary for accommodating  all types of repairs.  We have found that you really do need all three Blades for creating that perfectly contoured precision repair. The Blade is the perfect addition to your body shop tools.

Glad you asked.  The Blade is covered with the slipperiest material on earth, Teflon™.  Nothing can stick to The Blade.  However; you can and will get a build-up of plastic filler on The Blade when you are using it again and again.  The Blade is very easy to clean.  You can let the filler harden and then slightly bend The Blade to "crack" the filler off, you can wipe the filler off while it is still wet, if any film of the filler remains, you can apply a strip of 2" masking tape and pull the tape off along with any residue left on The Blade.  You can also put on your safety glasses and use the rubber tip on your air blower to blow off the ribbon of hardened filler from The Blade.  Easy peasy.  No muss, no fuss!

No problem.  You can always use the opposite edge of The Blade.  We do, however; have a replaceable edge.  The Blade comes in a protective foam case and if you keep The Blade in the foam when not in use it will remain protected.  Regular use of The Blade, day after day, will not wear out the edge.  If you should drop The Blade on a sharp bumper or nick the edge through to the metal, you will need to replace the edge.  THE EDGE REPLACEMENT KIT is only $20.00 and comes with 6 edge covers of Teflon™.  Replacing the edge is simple!


  1. Thanks for the video's.
    1. what are the lengths of the blade tools.
    2. I thought I picked up that you mix traditional filler in with glaze filler to make a more fluid filler. Can you expand on this; what proportions do you use.

  2. The Blades are 24" in length and 2" in width. They are three different flexibilities. We use a "putty glaze" mix-in with the bondo, or plastic filler to either thicken it up in warm weather working conditions or thin it out for colder weather working conditions. You will have to experiment a bit with the ratio to get the right consistency for spreading with The Blade.

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    I gonna purchase them. Can you ship to Australia?

  4. Will you ship to Denmark, and how much will it cost me - or can I buy your products in Europe ?

  5. Do you ship to Europe? Thank you

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