Wednesday, November 6, 2019


The Blade is a very cool tool.  Designed to accommodate contours and curves on auto body panels, The Blade is also super great for repairing flat panels, as well as very large flat panels like this firetruck side panel repair.  Using the stiffener (included in each Blade kit), gives The Blade stability against curving and will give you a precision repair on a flat panel with results that show a "mirror-quality" finished repair.  This video shows how to repair a large panel in three sections, outer areas first and then bridging the two with the center repair.  This is a great technique for repairing large areas.  Using The Blade will make your life much easier as well as make you smile, and what a great reflection of yourself in that "mirror-quality" repair that you just made!  The Blade, perfect results every time.You can buy The Blade today. Click Here! Learn more about The Blade 

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Well folks, here it is....The Blade #4 Short Set has finally arrived.  We have had many of our happy Blade customers ask for a shorter Blade, and the #4 Blade Set is just what you are looking for!

This great set includes our awesome Blade in an 8" length, a 16" length and a 24" length as well as stiffeners in each length for each size Blade.  This #4 set is a more flexible gauge of high-carbon spring steel, it is the most flexible Blade available.  Let your creativity be unleashed with this cool new Blade Set.  You will be able to work in smaller damaged areas and you will have the option of flex, or with the stiffeners, no flex.  To learn more about the #4 Blade Short Set  Click Here  The Blade, perfect results every time!

Monday, June 17, 2019


We chose a black Jeep hard hit repair to show you how perfectly well The Blade can make a perfect repair.  A black car panel is the most difficult to spotlight a great repair because it is hard to hide any imperfections on black.  By following the steps in this video, one can use The Blade to not only get the perfect repair, but also eliminate problems with paint failure at the time of the repair and in  the future.  One misconception that folks have with our Blade repairs is that they think we are applying a "ton" of filler, when the actual truth is that only a very thin amount of filler is being applied to the panel.  The unique quality of The Blade only applies what is needed to fill in the low spots and to blend seamlessly right into the paint at the outer area of the repair.  The Blade, with the rolled, rounded edge and the Teflon coating allows only the amount of filler needed to make a perfect repair.  The Blade, perfect results every time!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


It's true.  The Blade, as you know, is the fastest, easiest, most accurate way to shape plastic filler before it hardens.  Did you know however, that The Blade is used for many other great repairs?  We have sold Blade Sets to folks in the US Midwest who are repairing historic church steeples, and also repairing wind energy turbine fan blades.  We have sold to a guy in Australia who is repairing his yacht and to someone who is repairing ice machines that sit outside convenience stores and get easily banged up.  The Blade is used for shaping columns and moldings in construction restoration and repairing light-rail trains, and also firetrucks!  So, get The Blade and think of all the cool summer projects The Blade can help you with.  The Blade, perfect results every time!
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Friday, February 8, 2019


Check out this new video showing a repair of very large firetruck side utility doors.  The original doors were damaged and custom fabricated doors were purchased to replace the damaged doors.  These new doors were very expensive to purchase and they were still not perfect.  Using The Blade, we were able to perfectly shape and remove all the distortions of the new doors, giving them a "mirror" quality, perfectly flat finish.  Firetrucks need to look their best, right?  The Blade does give perfect results, every time!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Why would you repair a damaged panel when you could replace it?  Because, if you can repair it, you SHOULD, and with The Blade, you can!

Every thing DOES count.  If you replace the panel, you eliminate  all of the original factory welds, seam seals, electrostatic coatings,  and rust/corrosion protection.  All replacement parts come with their own set of problems.  With The Blade, the repair is very specific to each contour of each panel and section of panel.  You are shaping the car body in a very precise, specific way.  The "sweeps" of The Blade do all of the shaping and each sweep gives a control surface that an adjacent area can play off with The Blade to create a perfect repair.  Check out this difficult repair and see how The Blade is effective in getting perfect results, every time.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


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This GMC roof repair with damage on the ribs, the drip rails and the areas in between the ribs really spotlights just how versatile The Blade is for getting that perfect repair.  In any roof panel repair, it is very important that no pressure is applied to the panel that would cause distortion in the panel and hence a distorted repair.  Using The Blade for this difficult repair allows you to get the perfect shape, and a variety of shapes as well,  without adding any pressure to the panel.  By repeating sweeps, you will build up to the perfect repair.  Check out this great video and see the various ways The Blade will accommodate a very difficult roof repair.  Perfect results every time with The Blade!

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