Tuesday, October 5, 2021


 Make some bread?  What?  The Blade is a very unique tool in that it gives you the ability to do perfect shaping and contouring mechanically.  Not relying on your eye sight or your hands to shape perfectly, The Blade is designed to shape and contour perfectly.  It is foolproof.  When used with plastic filler, (Bondo), The Blade will shape and contour any project that uses a filler, or putty, and The Blade will do this perfectly.  

Many of our Blade customers use this great tool for repairs that are not automotive related.  We have folks doing yacht and boat repairs, light rail train repairs, crown moulding, and other interior finish type repairs, church steeple repairs, metal Coke machine and vintage metal vending machine repairs.  The options are endless.  Use your imagination and get creative.  

Because The Blade will give you the professional results, it is the perfect tool to use if you are looking to make some money in addition to your regular job, or if you are wanting to change careers and do something different.  Put your thinking cap on and think about what you love and could make some money with.  Using the Blade for all types of restorations can certainly be a new road to follow.  

Check out this video of one of our great Blade users in Greece who restored a vintage tractor.  Very nice!

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