Tuesday, September 28, 2021


 Many of our Blade customers ask how to get more shaping time with the filler (Bondo) before it hardens.  This can be tricky as the filler does harden quickly and working with it can be frustrating.  If you follow the tips below, you may become an expert in very little time.

1. Using a "Glaze Coat" or a "Glazing Putty" mixed into the plastic filler can help greatly.  By mixing the two together, you change the consistency of the filler and allow it to be much easier to shape and smooth over the damaged area, allowing  the opportunity for more "sweeps" of The Blade before the filler sets-up, or hardens.

2. Mix the filler and the "Glaze Coat" or "Glazing Putty" quickly on your mixing board, don't worry about air bubbles etc., the idea is to get this mixture onto the car ASAP so you can have maximum working and shaping time.

3. The air temperature of your garage or shop is also important, if the area is hot or too cold you may have difficulty.  If you can work in the early part of the day in hot climates or if you can keep your filler inside when it is very hot outside, that helps.  Also, in winter, keeping the can of filler at a moderate temperature (not too hot or too cold) helps.  One idea is a 3M type "Supply Box" or "Materials Box" with a 40 watt light bulb (make sure the lightbulb is protected) inside the box will keep the inside of the box warm, this is a great place to keep your can of filler in the colder months so that you will have a better consistency product to work with.  

4. Please contact us anytime to ask specific questions regarding your spreadability issues.  We can help.  (971) 269-6170  

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