Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Why would you repair a damaged panel when you could replace it?  Because, if you can repair it, you SHOULD, and with The Blade, you can!

Every thing DOES count.  If you replace the panel, you eliminate  all of the original factory welds, seam seals, electrostatic coatings,  and rust/corrosion protection.  All replacement parts come with their own set of problems.  With The Blade, the repair is very specific to each contour of each panel and section of panel.  You are shaping the car body in a very precise, specific way.  The "sweeps" of The Blade do all of the shaping and each sweep gives a control surface that an adjacent area can play off with The Blade to create a perfect repair.  Check out this difficult repair and see how The Blade is effective in getting perfect results, every time.

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