Monday, June 17, 2019


We chose a black Jeep hard hit repair to show you how perfectly well The Blade can make a perfect repair.  A black car panel is the most difficult to spotlight a great repair because it is hard to hide any imperfections on black.  By following the steps in this video, one can use The Blade to not only get the perfect repair, but also eliminate problems with paint failure at the time of the repair and in  the future.  One misconception that folks have with our Blade repairs is that they think we are applying a "ton" of filler, when the actual truth is that only a very thin amount of filler is being applied to the panel.  The unique quality of The Blade only applies what is needed to fill in the low spots and to blend seamlessly right into the paint at the outer area of the repair.  The Blade, with the rolled, rounded edge and the Teflon coating allows only the amount of filler needed to make a perfect repair.  The Blade, perfect results every time!
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